Cat Interrupts Live Broadcast For The Sweetest Reason!

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An adorable kitty that lives at a horse stable in Finland wanted to say hello to her human just as the cameras stared rolling for a TV interview.

This affectionate calico kitty helps her human Matias Salo, a horse racing coach, run the horse stable
It is her job to make all the guests at the stable feel welcome, and by all accounts she does a very good job.

She then climbed his shoulder sharing her love and even purred to the microphone. Meanwhile, the interview continued.
However, lovable cat has not stopped on it. Woman who interviewed her dad caught her attention and kitty decided to jump onto the lap of the TV show host Joanna Kuvaja.

It was impossible for the interviewer to keep a straight face with a kitty tail in her face.

Joanna laughed and said, “I can’t say anything because of the purring… Do I have something on my shoulder?”

It was so hilarious! Affectionate kitty stole the show!


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